Solid Fuel Advice

We're often asked for information about our solid fuel products so we've provided some tips and guides to help you get the very best from your fuel and your appliance.

See how burning Homefire could save you money in 2022/23 Winter
A recent study into the benefits of smokeless solid fuels found that using a multi-fuel stove with smokeless fuel could save 11% per annum or a wood-burning stove with kiln dried wood 7% per annum, helping households save money on their heating bills...
How do we make Ecoal?
Ecoal includes Olive Stone a low carbon, sustainably sourced biofuel
The Coal Ban is coming on May 1st 2023.
You can still enjoy a cosy fire with the Homefire range of smokeless fuels.
How will I be affected by the coal ban?
If you are already a Homefire customer or wish to be… you would be in no way affected by the coal ban.
How can I benefit from using Homefire smokeless fuels?
Homefire smokeless fuels produce a consistently higher heat and can last as much as 40% longer than ordinary house coal.
How to get the best from your solid fuel appliance
Different fires, fuels and appliances all work and perform in different ways. However, there are certain things you can do that will help you get the best results from whatever you’re using. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be warm and cosy in no time.
Why does the size of smokeless coal matter?
We often get asked why we make so many different smokeless fuels, and part of the reason is the size of the briquette, which has a dramatic effect on fire performance.
What's the perfect smokeless coal to burn at Christmas?
Let’s be honest, there’s enough to do at Christmas without having to worry about spending even more precious time getting your fire going.
What are the benefits of solid fuel?
On a cold winter night, there’s nothing better than putting your feet up in front of a real fire with its dancing flames and warm glow.
What are the benefits of Homefire Smokeless Fuels?
Today, more and more people are rediscovering the joy of a real fire, whether it’s by opening up existing fires and chimneys, or investing in the new generation of glass-fronted stoves.
What can Anthracite Users expect when they switch into a Homefire Manufactured Ovoid?
+/- Attribute The Differences What this means Solution - Ash Level The Ash level is slightly higher, but more importantly...
How do I light my coal fire?
Lighting a coal fire needn't be a challenge. The secret to a great fire is to create a small combustion chamber that your fire can take hold of, and quickly grow to a high temperature.
Can I burn smokeless coal and kiln dried logs together?
Burning coal and logs together can produce a gorgeous fire mixing the aroma and long flames of a log fire with the high heat output and longevity of solid fuel.
What is coal?
You may think of coal as just chunks of black stuff that we’ve been digging out of the earth for 100s of years. However, there’s a lot more to coal than meets the eye.
What fuels can I burn in a multi-fuel stove?
There’s a huge variety of options when it comes to choosing your fuel for a multi-fuel stove so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you find the one that’s right for you.
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