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Smokeless Coal

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  1. Bestseller Homefire Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal More Info
    Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal

    The coal we’re most proud of – Ecoal50 combines 50% renewable plant material with high quality Welsh mined anthracite to produce a smokeless fuel that burns longer and hotter than house coal, while at the same time producing much less smoke and carbon dioxide.

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    From £5.60
  2.   Homefire Smokeless Coal for Open Fires and Multi-fuel stoves More Info
    Homefire Smokeless Coal

    Homefire has been the nation's number one choice of smokeless fuel for over 50 years, having earned its reputation as the best performing smokeless coal we make.

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    From £5.80
  3.   Multi-fuel Burner Bundle More Info
    Multi-Fuel Burner Bundle

    Superb multi-fuel bundle. Contains 5 x Ecoal50 Smokeless Fuel 25kg, 3 x Large Bag Kiln Dried Logs, 2 x Shimada Heat Logs, 4 x Supapak Kindling and 2 x Twizlers.

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  4.   Brazier Multi Purpose Smokeless Fuel More Info
    Brazier Smokeless Coal

    Brazier Smokeless Coal is a clean burning, compact smokeless fuel specially designed for use on open fires and multi fuel stoves. It gives good performance, burning longer than house coal with a gradual and consistent release of heat.

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    From £4.20
  5.   Homefire Ovals Smokeless Coal - 25kg bag More Info
    Homefire Ovals Smokeless Coal

    One of our most popular smokeless fuels for multi-fuel stoves and open fires, slow-burning Homefire Ovals pack together to provide maximum heat and minimum waste.

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    From £14.74
  6.   Phurnacite - The High Performance Smokeless Fuel More Info
    Phurnacite Smokeless Coal

    Phurnacite is our premium grade smokeless coal for customers using cookers, room heaters, and stoves, where outright heating performance is all that matters. The hard, clean-burning Phurnacite briquette packs together into a tight firebed that provides long lasting, consistent, and controllable heat.  

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    From £14.74
  7.   Taybrite Multi-Purpose Economy Smokeless Fuel More Info
    Taybrite Smokeless Coal

    A multi-purpose smokeless fuel for use in a wide range of appliances, including open fires, room heaters, multi-fuel stoves and boilers.

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    From £13.74
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