See how burning Homefire could save you money in 2022/23 Winter

A recent study into the benefits of smokeless solid fuels found that using a multi-fuel stove with smokeless fuel could save 11% per annum or a wood-burning stove with kiln dried wood 7% per annum, helping households save money on their heating bills as we enter the colder months.

The study into smokeless solid fuels, issued in October 2022, was commissioned by Homefire Group Limited and carried out by independent consultants Gemserv. It suggests that consumers with a log or multi-fuel stove could be acting more economically rationally and climate-friendly by switching to zonal heating this winter.

Modelled results of the study found that:

  • Households with gas central heating who adopt zonal heating using wood fuel could save on average, £132 / year, the equivalent of a 6.8% saving on heating bills
  • Using a smokeless solid fuel as secondary heating could increase savings to £213, the equivalent of an 11.0% saving. Savings increase even further for homes centrally heated using higher cost heating fuels such as heating oil or direct electric.
  • Using renewable, sustainably sourced wood fuel instead of fossil fuel gas results in typical carbon savings of over half a tonne of CO2e / year.

These findings are based on the October 2022 price cap. Further information is available at

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