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What are the benefits of solid fuel?

Fire burningOn a cold winter night, there’s nothing better than putting your feet up in front of a real fire with its dancing flames and warm glow.

But as well as its aesthetic features, there are plenty of other benefits to burning solid fuel in your home including:

Low running costs:  Solid fuel is an efficient and economical method of heating your home 24 hours a day.

Healthy option: Solid fuel heating can greatly reduce condensation, eliminating household mould often associated with ‘on/off’ fires.  Medical research has also shown that solid fuel heating can reduce the risk of hay fever, asthma and eczema.

Better ventilation: Homes with solid fuel heating are better ventilated than those with other forms of heating; the very use of a chimney will induce ventilation into a home drawing in fresh air and removing the ‘polluted’ air.

Wide range of fuels: From smokeless coal to Ready to Burn kiln dried wood, there’s a solid fuel to suit your appliance in all parts of the country.

Convenient and easy to use: Modern pre-set controls keep your home at the desired temperature throughout the day

Guaranteed heat: With solid fuel heating you can hold stock, ensuring that your home will be warm even in the most adverse weather conditions. Whatever the weather you don’t need to worry about power cuts or supply failures.

And here’s some handy tips for solid fuel users...

  • Always use the right fuel on your appliance. The right fuel will perform better in the appliance for which it was designed to burn. Our interactive fuel chooser allows you to sort our wide range of fuels by the categories that matter to you.
  • Always burn the best quality fuel you can afford. The heat content will be higher and there will be less ash.
  • Use the riddling device and a poker to effectively clear ash and clinker (the stony residue from burnt coal) from the grate. The fire will not burn to capacity if the grate is clogged. Leaving ashes to accumulate on the grate and in the ash pan below can result in damage to the fire.
  • Have your chimney swept regularly – at least once a year or more frequently if burning bituminous coal or wood.
  • Ensure appliances are annually serviced by a qualified engineer and regularly maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always use a competent person, for instance a HETAS registered installer when you have a new solid fuel heating fire fitted.
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