Air Quality

Smoke emissions from residential buildings
There have been a number of high profile headlines in the national press recently regarding the smoke emissions from wood burning in residential areas, particularly in and around London, and that one solution under consideration was the banning of wood burning stoves.
The Clean Air Act and Smokeless Zones explained
In the past, many towns and cities of the UK suffered with terrible smog, caused by the widespread use of coal fires in homes. The Clean Air Act, introduced in 1956 was one of several government measures introduced to help reduce smoke pollution and ...
Government calls for cleaner, more efficient fuels in air quality report
Last winter the UK’s high air pollution levels were making national headlines and it certainly felt like history could be repeating itself.
Tackling air pollution whilst enjoying the healthy glow of a fire
Air pollution in towns and cities is an increasing concern for citizens, health professionals, consumers and the media.
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