Why buy from Homefire?

We don't just sell, we make Immingham Production Plant

There are dozens of companies out there that just sell fuel. However, we are one of a handful of these who actually make the fuel ourselves. We've got a huge manufacturing plant at Immingham which churns out tens of thousands of tonnes each month. Manufacturing the fuel at this plant means that we can ensure that the product that arrives at your door is from the UK, is of the highest quality, and produces the very best heat for your home.

Testing, testing, and more testing

We constantly strive for excellence and never settle for second best. Through our extensive labs, at our Immingham plant and HQ, we spend every day testing each of our products to ensure that they tick all the boxes. This extensive testing process gives you the assurance that you are buying fuel which is guaranteed to live up to expectations.

Let us do the lifting Let us deliver to your bunker

We hear horror stories on a regular basis about pallets of fuel dumped outside people's homes. But we deliver bags of smokeless coal the old-fashioned way, carried on the back of one of our friendly drivers who will deliver your fuel straight into your bunker or shed - whichever suits you best.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

A hands-on, technical team

We know that fires and appliances can be temperamental at times. From problems with the chimney to a dodgy draught regulator, there are a number of things that could cause your fuel to not perform properly. To help you overcome these little hurdles we have a technical team that can visit your home to carry out an inspection and try and identify the root of the problem.  Where it is shown that it is our fuel which is at fault then we will obviously replace the product free of charge. It's this proactive and hands-on approach that sets us apart from the rest.

Innovation is our middle name

One of the very best things about us is that we never stop looking for new ways to help you heat your home. Our experts are always busy trying out new combinations of fuels to try and get the right balance between environmentally friendly and powerful fuels. This doesn't just stop with smokeless coal, as we are also one of the leading companies developing renewable fuels, such as Homefire Olive Briquettes and Supercharged Heat Logs

Thanks for taking the time to look through our site and we hope you find the perfect fuel for your fire or appliance.

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