Homefire Coal Merchants

Homefire is the UK's leading coal merchant, supplying coal products to thousands of households throughout England and Wales. 

Why 100,000 customers tell us we're the UK's Top Coal Merchant

  • Helpful advice and support
  • Clean, tidy, and speedy coal deliveries
  • Friendly and courteous drivers
  • High quality coal products
  • Consistent service standards
  • Scheduled Order Service
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Great value for money
  • Professional, organised, and trustworthy

Our heritage as the UK's leading Coal Merchant

Approved Coal Merchant

  • Over 200 years in business
  • Formed from the Merger of Charringtons & British Fuels
  • Member of Approved Coal Merchants Scheme (No. 00220) 
  • 42 Coal Merchant depots nationwide
  • Supplies Ecoal - the UK's first smokeless fuel manufactured from renewable materials
  • We supply over 75,000 tonnes annually
  • Prompt coal deliveries and excellent service

Homefire's range of Market Leading Fuels

Smokeless fuels for open fires and mutli-fuel stoves

Ecoal Homefire Smokeless Homefire Smokeless Ovals  
Homefire Homefire Ovals  

Smokeless fuels for heaters, cookers and boilers

Ancit Phurnacite Taybrite Stoveheat Premiuim
Ancit Phurnacite Taybrite Stoveheat




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