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Why Renewable Forests Are the Future

Why Renewable Forests Are the Future

Forests currently account for approximately 13% of the total land area in the UK. They’re home to an abundance of wildlife, act as the lungs of our planet, and are one of the primary sources of one of our fuel sources - wood. But what are renewable forests? Why are they essential for the future? Let’s find out. 


What is a renewable forest? 

As defined by the Rainforest Alliance, a renewable (or sustainable) forest refers to the extent to which ‘forestry practice mimics natural patterns of disturbance and regeneration.’ The renewable management of forests considers the broad environmental and ecological roles that trees play in all aspects of life, bringing stakeholders together to manage them for the long term correctly. 


How are forests a renewable resource? 

To some people, forests as a renewable resource seem like an oxymoron. After all, how can cutting down trees be a good thing? The key to sustainability is balance. When managed correctly, forests are regenerative, meaning new trees are planted when old ones are cut down for fuel consumption. Renewable forests also establish protected areas and conserve the biodiversity of life that thrives in these areas. Remember, unsustainable logging doesn’t just create issues in relation to global warming; it also destroys habitats and endangers the existence of entire species. As such, renewable forests are vital to the future of life in so many ways.


The importance of renewable fuel sources 

There’s no getting away from it - life on earth could not sustain itself without forests. They breathe for the planet, absorbing carbon and creating the oxygen we need to live. Statistics show that forests absorb approximately 40% of the fossil-fuel emissions we produce. It’s clear to see why such importance is placed on the health of our forests and the delicate eco-systems that they support. 

One of the primary reasons that forests have become endangered over the years is a result of human reliance on trees as a fuel source. It’s estimated that we currently lose 13 million hectares of forested area every year. In other words, our current consumption levels cannot be sustained for much longer. It's for this reason above all others that it’s so crucial that we all turn to renewable fuel sources, as our planet simply cannot survive for much longer if we don’t make this change. 

Homefire & renewable forests 

At Homefire, we recognise the importance of sourcing all of our fuels from renewable sources. For instance, all of our firewood originates from sustainable forests in Latvia, where the decades-old renewable initiative has seen forested areas increase from 27% to 52% as a result. If you’re willing to do your bit and make your fire fuel more sustainable, you can rely on our heat logs, kiln-dried firewood, and smokeless coal, safe in knowing that all have been produced from renewable sources.

16 April 2022

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