Homefire Heat Logs: Everything You Need to Know

Homefire Heat Logs: Everything You Need to Know
10 January 2024
Homefire Heat Logs: Everything You Need to Know

Selecting what fuel source to light your fire opens you up to a world of choice, from solid fuel to wood, for fuels better for indoors or outdoors.The list of options continues.


Heat Logs are one of the possibilities you should consider when shopping for your fuel stock, but what are they?


Here we will explore what Heat Logs are, what they are made from, and the benefits they hold.


Are Heat Logs Better Than Wood?



In terms of efficiency and the heat output generated, it’s fair to say that Heat Logs are superior to traditional forms of wood. Although wood is renewable, it’s not as strong as many of the Heat Logs on the market.


Heat Logs are composed entirely of compressed wood and they are ultra-dry for high performance and longevity. This means that Heat Logs are a great choice as the wood has been recycled, so if you opt for Heat Logs, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment. You won’t need to stock up as much with Heat Logs as you would with other types of logs either.


The energy within the logs is used more efficiently because of their dry nature so the heat that is produced from the flames will be strong.


The versatility of Heat Logs means you can use them in many devices, such as fireplaces, multi-fuel stoves, wood burners, or fire pits. Not to mention the variety of Heat Logs Homefire supplies, including Shimada Logs, Warm Glow Heat Logs, and Instant Light Fire Logs.

How to Use Heat Logs


Using the Shimada Heat Logs or Warm Glow Heat Logs is a simple process and no different to using traditional firewood. Always use safety equipment when lighting your fire, regardless of the fuel source you’re using.


You’ll need firelighters, kindling, and a combustion chamber to get started, lighting the firelighters underneath the kindling first then adding your Heat Logs on top of the initial flames. If you have purchased the Instant Light Fire Logs instead, you will simply need to light the bag they come in and wait for the fire to develop.

Living in a Smoke Control Area means you’ll need to watch the output of smoke produced from the flames on your premises. As a smokeless fuel, this won’t be an issue for Heat Logs so you can burn them without needing to consider this. Wet wood and certain types of coal are subject to these restrictions, however.

Homefire supplies a wide range of sustainable products, like our Heat Logs, to heat your home and save you some money. Explore the range of products online.

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