Heat Logs Subscribe & Save Bundle


This subscription includes 5 x packs of Shimada Heat Logs, 5 x packs of Eco Fire Logs, 3 x Twizlers and 3 x Kindling. To receive the discount, you need to select a recurring delivery every 2, 4 or 8 weeks.

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Minimum order value - £75

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Heat Logs Subscribe and Save Bundle

Subscribe and save this winter with our NEW Heat Logs Subscribe & Save Bundle. You'll get 60 Shimada Heat Logs, 25 Eco Fire Logs, x 3 packs of Kindling and x 3 packs of Twizlers all for just £82.20 - saving you 12.5% when you subscribe to recurring deliveries!

Recommended for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves

Homefire Heat Logs (shimada)
60 logs (5 packs)
These high-energy, ultra-dry heat logs provide an excellent alternative to traditional firewood.
  • Made from just compressed wood
  • 100% clean with no additives or chemicals
  • Easy to light
  • Burn with sustained heat and attractive flame
  • Suitable for wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, open fires, chimeneas
Eco Fire Logs
25 logs (5 packs)
With their long-lasting flames, these heat logs are an effective fuel supply, cleanable, simple to light, and a wonderful substitute for the more traditional firewood.
  • Made from compressed wood
  • The logs are larger and last much longer
  • No chemicals or additives have been added to this product
  • Easy to light
  • A dazzling flame to match its enduring heat
  • They can be used on open fires, multi-fuel stoves, chimeneas, and wood burners
Homefire Supapak Kindling

Get your fire off to a roaring start with our kiln-dried kindling.

Homefire Twizlers - 300g

Get your fire off to a fantastic start with our natural firelighters.

More Information
Ash Content Low
Moisture Content 10 to 15 percent
CO2 Saving 100 Percent
Ready to Burn Yes
Instant Light No
Manufactured Yes
Works Best On Multi Fuel Stoves, Open Fires, Chimeneas
SKU 409000

Heat Logs are a great choice if you’re looking for something different to traditional firewood.

Our Heat Logs are simple to light and produce a fantastic flame. Here’s how you go about lighting them:

  1. Firstly, remove any existing dirt or soot from the combustion chamber if any remains so that your fire is efficient.
  2. Place a few firelighters in the area you wish to start your fire, then add kindling on top of these.
  3. Light the firelighters safely so that they start to burn the kindling.
  4. Once the flames are being produced, carefully put the chosen Heat Logs on top of the fire so that they start burning.
  5. Move the logs around so oxygen flows in different areas, or add more logs if necessary.
  6. Let the flames die out and the area cool down before cleaning so the area is ready for next time.
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