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Where and how we source our ethical wood

Where and how we source our ethical wood

As one of the top suppliers of firewood in the UK, Homefire is committed to delivering sustainable wood that still maintains the highest quality. The eco-friendly ethics behind our firewood is one of the most crucial elements of our processes. You might wonder, what makes our firewood so different and how do we source our ethical wood?


Where do we get our firewood from?

You may be asking yourself ‘how is wood a renewable energy source?’ The answer is sustainable forests. All of our premium firewood comes from these sustainable forests, planted and looked after deep within Latvia. The Latvian Forestry Commission has been dedicated to building and maintaining sustainable forests for decades, resulting in a surge of wooded areas in the country from 27% to 52%. The Latvian forests we source from grow more trees than are cut down every year, ensuring that our wood remains an entirely renewable source of energy.


The process starts by planting seeds and germinating them into saplings within greenhouses in Latvian nurseries. After a certain stage of maturity, the saplings are coated in eco-friendly, insect repellent compounds and planted in fields to continue growing. When they’re grown to the right age, they are planted throughout Latvia to continue the process of regeneration. If you want to learn more about where we source our ethical wood from, make sure to check out our information page here.



How do we make our Kiln-Dried Wood?

So - that’s where we source our Kiln-Dried Logs, but how exactly do we make them? The process isn’t as complicated as you may think and keeps to strict standards of sustainability. After being cut into tree trunk lengths, the wood grown in the Latvian forests arrives at our production facility ready to be transformed into Homefire Firewood. Automated machines then cut the logs into the same lengths, before being placed into a kiln where the wood is dried for up to five days at a high temperature. Once dried, the logs are checked to ensure that the moisture content is less than 20% - a key part of maintaining the highest quality. Our video on our methods will give you some extra information about how these processes work - watch it here.


If you’re interested in turning to a more sustainable source of fire fuel, without sacrificing power and endurance, our firewood is the perfect choice for you. On top of the intensity you get from our firewood, you’re also safe in the knowledge that all of our methods are centred towards sustainability. Take a look through our Kiln-Dried Firewood collection today.

3 December 2021

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