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Sustainable & Smokeless: What's in our Ecoal?

Sustainable & Smokeless: What's in our Ecoal?

At Homefire, our goal is to offer sustainable but powerful fuel for your fire. Producing less smoke and less CO2 than traditional coal, our Ecoal fulfils that promise and is a no-brainer if you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint. To help you get to grips with our Ecoal, here is some must-know info on our sustainable, smokeless coal.


What’s in our Ecoal?


As the most eco-friendly briquette in the entire Homefire range, our Ecoal will help you achieve the warm, long-lasting fire you’ve been looking for. The journey of making our eco coal begins in Tunisia, where we source one of our key ingredients - olives. The by-product of making olive oil is the crushed stones and skins of the olives, which are super useful when making eco-friendly fuel. Each briquette has been made with this Olive Stone compound, which is a low-carbon and sustainably sourced biofuel. Mix this compound with molasses and other ingredients and bam - you’ve got your sustainable Ecoal.


What makes our Ecoal different from the rest?


From the olive vineyards of Tunisia to the heart of your home, Ecoal is one of the most sustainable sources of coal on the market. Designed specifically for open fires and multi-fuel stoves, Ecoal has a larger hexagonal shape (75 x 40mm), which enhances airflow and helps pump out a more efficient heart. Our sustainable, smokeless coal produces 40% less carbon dioxide than standard house coal, as well as 80% less smoke.


On top of being super sustainable, Ecoal is more powerful and efficient than your standard coal. Our coal has been shown to produce 38% more heat than traditional house coal, meaning less fuel to achieve the same heat (which means more money in your pocket too). 



How to light Ecoal


As with all of our fire fuel, Ecoal is super easy to light. Clean your fire grate and place two firelighters under your coal. Surround your lighters with kindling before placing a solid amount of coal on top. Before long you’ll have a powerful fire warming you up.


If you go for our Instant Light Ecoal range, you’ll find the easiest way to light a fire possible. All you have to do is light the bag at the indicated corners, sit back and enjoy a greener, warmer and more sustainable fire. You won’t have to move for a while either, as one Instant Light bag can easily last for over three hours. 

Want to take your barbeques and indoor fires to the next level? With more power and fewer emissions, Ecoal creates a powerful fire that lasts. Take a look through our collection of smokeless coal today.

25 November 2021

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