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Whether you’re looking to create a powerful fire pit or want to warm up the house with your log burner, our Firewood Offers and Bundles can help to build a sustainable, long-lasting fire. This Bundles and Offers collection contains a variety of helpful products, including Kiln-Dried Firewood, Kindling, and Heat Logs. Explore our Bundle Offers for sale today.

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  1.   Handy Firepit Bundle More Info
    Handy Firepit Bundle

    Enjoy evenings outside among friends with the Handy Firepit Bundle. Great heat output and really easy to light.

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  2.   Firepit Bundle More Info
    Firepit Bundle

    The perfect combination for your firepit. These premium products bundled together at a discounted price will make your firepit the ideal complement to an evening outside with friends and family.

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  3.   Multi-Fuel Burner Bundle More Info
    Multi-Fuel Burner Bundle

    Superb multi-fuel bundle. Contains 5 x Ecoal50 Smokeless Fuel 25kg, 3 x Large Bag Kiln Dried Logs, 2 x Shimada Heat Logs, 4 x Supapak Kindling and 2 x Twizlers.

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  4.   Log Burner Bundle More Info
    Log Burner Bundle

    Everything you need for the perfect cosy log fire.

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  5.   Homefire Fire Starter Multi-pack Out of stock
    Homefire Fire Starter Multi-pack

    Get your fire off to a roaring start with our ultra-dry, kiln dried kindling. Ideal for lighting any wood, coal or solid fuel fire.

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Delivery to Fireside

We deliver the traditional way. Bagged coal and firewood (up to 50kg) are delivered exactly where you need them. In your fuel store or even by the fireside

Kerbside Delivery

Orders over 50kg (bulk bags, pallets or crates) are delivered as close to where you want as possible, which may be the kerbside

Free Delivery on Orders over £50

Spend over £50 and your order is delivered for free to mainland England and Wales

Hassle free returns

In the unlikely event that you're not happy with your order, it can be returned within 14 days by arranged collection

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