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How to create a fire in the great outdoors

How to create a fire in the great outdoors

Whether you’re planning to spend the night camping in the woods or watching the stars with friends for the evening, creating a fire can add another dimension to your social occasions. However, not everybody is lucky enough to have a big, expansive garden. To help you out, we’ve laid out some helpful ground rules for creating fire out in the great outdoors.


Find the right spot

One of the key things you’ll discover when learning how to make a campfire is the importance of finding the right spot. An open area far from any possible obstructions is key, as is ensuring the safety of everyone around you. We suggest finding a dry spot, before clearing away any natural debris on the ground, with bare dirt being the safest and most convenient terrain for your fire. Ultimately, if you can find an ideal spot for your fire pit or campfire, it will make the whole process much easier and more rewarding.


Tinder and kindling

Unsurprisingly, tinder and kindling are crucial for anybody looking to start a respectable fire. To make the process super simple, bringing along some of our kindling and firelighters is a no-brainer. But what makes our collection so different? Well, our kindling and firelighters are entirely sustainable, meaning you won’t be damaging or harming the natural environment both while you’re there and after you’ve left. Not only that but your fire will cultivate strong heat and keep you warm and cosy while you enjoy the great outdoors.



Choose your style

How you decide to build your fire is entirely up to you and will depend massively on what you’re using your fire for. A tipi building style is the one everyone learns at scouts and leaves plenty of room for air and matches. When you need even heating and fast lighting, the tipi style is a perfect choice. If you’re finding your fire difficult to light, using your logs to create a lean-to style could be useful. Simply build a small windbreak and lay longer sticks over the core of the fire. This helpful method means you can ignite your fire if you’re struggling with wind or rain.


Keep things under control

Remember - starting the fire is only the first step into maintaining it. Anyone who has created enough fire pits and campfires will know that keeping your fire consistently powerful means not going overboard. It can be all too easy to pile on the fuel when the fire has started, but ensuring that things don’t get too big is key. The result is a fire that lasts much longer, without burning through your fuel.


Whether you have a garden or not, creating a fire in the great outdoors can be enjoyable, rewarding and be an essential skill. Looking for the right fuel? Head over to our tinder, kindling and wood collections today to create your own powerful fire.

11 October 2021

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