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Why eco logs work great with firewood

Why eco logs work great with firewood

Sustainable, long-lasting and easy to light - Heat Logs and Kiln-Dried Firewood have got plenty of similarities. In our eyes, the pair are a match made in heaven, perfect for both indoor and outdoor social gatherings. We’ve got together some of the reasons why eco logs work great with firewood, to help you get to grips with why this Firepit Bundle is perfect for you.


A sustainable edge


Everybody understands the importance of tackling climate change, and we’re no different. Sustainability is at the heart of Homefire and is one of the biggest reasons we do what we do. All of us have to put a shift in and that’s why we’ve created sustainable and eco-friendly wood perfect for your firepit. With both our Eco Logs and Kiln-Dried Firewood, you will have a fire that won’t damage the environment and potentially cut your carbon footprint down significantly. On top of that, this combo also provides a more powerful, longer-lasting fire than standard firewood and logs. What’s not to love?



Soothing aromas


If you’ve made the transition from traditional logs to our Heat Logs, you may have noticed a change in the smell of your fire. There’s no doubting the strength of that soothing aroma on a winter’s night, but there’s no need to revert back to your old wood ways! On top of using Homefire Heat Logs, our Kiln-Dried Firewood could give you that traditional smell you’ve been searching for, while sustaining your fire for a long time.


A better burn and firestarter


When starting a fire pit, a strong, long-lasting, powerful wood is what you’re going to need. Thankfully, the combination of eco logs and kiln-dried firewood provides everything you need for your fire pit to be a success day in day out. Heat Logs don’t just provide a better burn either - our logs can also act as a standalone fire starter, helping you get your fire off the ground. If you’ve run out of Firelighters, Heat Logs could be your saving grace, especially when paired up with Kiln-Dried Firewood.


Winter, summer, rain or shine - when it comes to eco logs vs wood, making the sustainable choice is always the right way to go. With our Heat Logs and Kiln-Dried Firewood combination, you’ll have the perfect fire going in no time - take a look through our fire fuel collection for more today.

10 November 2021

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