Smokeless Coal Explained: What are the benefits?

Smokeless Coal Explained: What are the benefits?
28 February 2023
Smokeless Coal Explained: What are the benefits?

With our shopping habits and daily routines being evermore influenced by our environmental consciousness, we start to look at every aspect of our lives and see how we can do our bit for the environment. Our fireplace is no exception and especially in the middle of a cost of living crisis, if we can try and combine products being environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective, then it is seen as a win-win. Here we will explain how smokeless coal is able to tick both boxes and even more in the process.


Environmentally friendly compared to traditional coal

When comparing the variety of smokeless coal that Homefire has on offer, they all have benefits over traditional coal and its lack of a detrimental impact on the environment is one of them. Looking at the Homefire’s ecoal, it produces 40% less carbon dioxide and 80% less smoke than traditional house coal. The additional benefit on the environment is that the coal itself is made from up to 50% crushed olive stones, ensuring that up to half of the coal is burning recycled natural products.



On top of its lack of negative impacts on the environment, smokeless coal also burns for much longer compared to coal and even wood. The instant light smokeless coal from Homefire lasts for a minimum of up to three hours, meaning that not only are you saving time not having to intricately build the fire, but you’re also putting together a long lasting fire with minimum fuss. 


Cost effective

Arguably the most important benefit of smokeless coal at the moment is that with these benefits combined, it works out to be the most cost-effective way to light an open fire. With the fact that when you use any smokeless coal, it burns for a considerable amount longer than traditional coal and wood. It also emits up to 30% higher temperatures than other coals, meaning that it will burn for longer and at a higher temperature ensuring you will have a well heated room and house. 


Why not try it?

With all this in mind, it’s hard to think of a reason not to try the sustainable and efficient fuel alternative of smokeless coal. The hugely reduced negative impact it has on the environment (as well as on your wallet!) means that it is becoming the more obvious choice for home fireplaces.


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