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Light My Fire: What are Twizler Wood Wool Firelighters?

Whether you’re hosting a summer BBQ or sitting around a fire pit with your mates, lighting a fire doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Homefire Twizler Wood Wool Firelighters are the perfect solution if you’re struggling to light your fires quickly, while still producing a powerful flame. Here’s a rundown of why our Twizlers are the perfect choice for you.


What are Twizler Wood Wool Firelighters?

Sustainably sourced and 100% smokeless, our Homefire Twizler Wood Wool Firelighters are the perfect way to get your fire off to a good start. Twizlers are made using the finest materials and, as opposed to most firelighters, add a completely natural aspect to your fire. These firelighters aren’t only great for lighting open fires - they can also be used effectively in multi-fuel stoves, open fires, chimeneas, cookers, boilers, room heaters and wood burners. Ultimately, Twizler Wood Wool Firelighters are the epitome of versatility!


Why are they different from other firelighters?

There are a whole host of reasons why our Twizlers firmly stick out from the crowd when it comes to the firelighting game. Firstly, Twizlers are super quick to light and get your fire started in a matter of seconds. Since they’re made using 100% natural materials, our Wood Wool Firelighters are entirely sustainable, which means you don’t have to worry about any of the effects you might be having on the environment. A bonus of this is that they are odourless and smokeless too, resulting in an easier to light fire. Finally, the natural and sustainable materials that make up our Twizlers act as the basis for a consistently strong and powerful fire, no matter where you’re lighting it.


How do I use Twizler Firelighters effectively?

One of the biggest benefits of using Homefire Twizler Firelighters is how quickly and easy they are to light. All you need to do is lay two or three pieces of wood wool on top of some kindling, before covering with either wood, charcoal or briquettes (top tip: many users find making a ‘tiipii’ shape using your wood makes the lightning process even easier). Once you light our Wood Wool Natural Firelighters they will burn for around seven to ten minutes; plenty of time for your fire to catch a spark and build up some power. Ten minutes later and voila! You’ll have the perfect fire.


Interested in staying 100% sustainable, while still burning a strong, powerful fire? Add some of our brilliant Homefire Twizler Wood Wool Firelighters to your basket and find your new favourite method of creating the perfect fire.  

21 September 2021

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