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Autumnal Fires: Why a log burner will transform your home

Autumnal Fires: Why a log burner will transform your home

It’s that time of year again. With the days getting shorter, colder and much less green, you’ll need to find some way to warm them up. For us, a log burner is a perfect solution, adding a cosy and comforting element to your house without the fear of running up a huge energy bill. To help you out, we’ve outlined all the reasons why we think a log burner could totally transform your home.


A fashionable choice

There’s no doubt that the old-school retro look that comes with a log burner is all the rage right now in the fashion world. Whether you pop your burner in the kitchen or in your cosy living room, there are plenty of ways to install it into your home in both a conventional and unconventional way. It’s worth bearing in mind that log burners also come in all shapes and sizes. There are a huge variety of modern designs out there that will suit a more contemporary house, as well as more traditional styles. We suggest getting some inspiration online or in magazines to get an idea of the kind of log burner you’d like


More heat, more money

Energy bills are tough to deal with at the best of times, but deep into the winter months, they can be even more difficult to handle. The log burner is the perfect way to avoid wearing three layers on those cold frosty evenings indoors. They’re simple to use too - start your fire with some firelighters and kindling, before chucking on some of our kiln dried firewood. The results won’t just be hotter than your conventional heating, the heat will also feel a whole lot cosier. With a hotter house and lower energy bills, a log burner is a no-brainer when it starts to get chilly.


Social gatherings

For thousands and thousands of years, humans have told stories and tales around fires. A fire is intricately connected to our evolutionary story and that sense of connection when sat beside a fire with loved ones can still be felt today. As well as supplying you with a comfortable heat, log burners make your indoor spaces the perfect place to sink into the sofa, turn the tele off and chat away. Ultimately, a fire is where both the heat and the heart is in your home. 


Log burners are an uncomplicated, natural way to provide your house with a cosy, warming glow, especially when we’re deep into the colder months. If you’re looking for the right fuel for your burner, our all-in-one log burner bundle gives you everything you need to get started with a bang.

30 September 2021

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