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Ashes to Ashes: Top tips for cleaning up your BBQ

Ashes to Ashes: Top tips for cleaning up your BBQ

Let’s be honest - cleaning is always a pain. Even so, leaving ash or food residue on your BBQ after a big do probably isn’t the best idea. To help you learn how to clean a BBQ properly, we’ve got together some of our very best tips for each stage of the process.


Disconnect your barbeque

While it might seem obvious, too many people get stuck into cleaning their BBQ before detaching it. If you want a super clean BBQ, disconnecting each part at the beginning is a no-brainer. We suggest starting with the grill gate first, as this will probably be the dirtiest section. With your BBQ separated, you can really get down to the nitty-gritty of each part and wash away any of those tougher stains. Ultimately, detaching all your barbeque parts leads to a deeper, cleaner wash.


Wash your grill grate

With the job of holding all of your dripping food, we think you’ll agree that there’s no dirtier part of your BBQ than the grill gate. Fortunately, after detaching it, there are plenty of ways to make your job easier when cleaning the grate. Firstly, we suggest using a long-handled stiff-wire brush, alongside a soapy mix, to really get those hard to clean bits. We’ll let you in on a secret too - vegetable oil is any BBQ connoisseur's saviour. Applying vegetable oil to the grate will stop food from getting stuck the next time you’re cooking, On top of that, your BBQ will also be less prone to rust. 



Clean away any leftover ash from the bottom

Another BBQ cleaning sin is leaving too much ash at the base of your BBQ. When excess ash builds up, the vents in the base will become blocked, which makes it even more difficult to control the temperature while cooking. If you think you’ve got all the ash out, there will probably still be some left after removing the charcoal grate. The more thoroughly you clean out the ash in your BBQ, the better your food will be in the long run.


Leave to dry

After a deep clean session, it’s time to reattach all the bits and bobs of your barbeque and have a scrub of the outside using basic soap and water. When that’s done, you can either leave your BBQ to dry in the sun or give it a quick wipe down with a towel. Either way - always make sure to cover the grill grate up when leaving your BBQ outside. This will help to preserve the grill and avoid any chance of rust. 

Remember - a stitch in time saves nine. Leaving the mess to build up in your BBQ doesn’t only lead to messier equipment, but also worse food. To get the best results, our BBQ charcoal is the cleaner, safer way to BBQ. The best part? There’s no need for firelighters, simply light the bag and you’re ready to go.

24 August 2021

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