Cleaner Greener Alternative Fuels are the Solution to Tackle Air Pollution

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This Is Not the End of Cosy Fires

Cleaner Greener Alternative Fuels are the Solution to Tackle Air Pollution

Homefire Group, the UK's leading manufacturer and distributor of smokeless fuels, welcomes the Government’s announcement to ban the sale of coal, wet wood, and high sulphur fuels.  Homefire has supported Government initiatives to improve air quality and reduce particulate matter caused by domestic burning.

Commenting today, Jason Sutton CEO Homefire Group, said:

“This announcement is long overdue. The UK is one of the most significant solid-fuel home burning nations in Europe – this is a logical step in the fight against air pollution. Diesel is often the focus in tackling air pollution but coal and wet wood are also responsible for significant PM2.5 pollutant which has adverse health effects.

“There is no need for people to stop burning solid fuels it is about burning the right products to tackle air pollution. The measures do not mean the end of cosy fires.

“Consumers need to switch to cleaner smokeless fuels which are 30% more efficient than coal. DEFRA research has shown that these fuels burn longer and have a higher heat output so are more cost effective than coal or wet wood.

“By switching to kiln dried wood or smokeless fuels consumers can reduce PM2.5 emissions by 80%. This provides a real alternative so people can continue to enjoy an open fire or use a wood burning stove with very significantly reduced air quality impact.

“Consumers do not have to wait for the ban to kick-in. Smokeless fuels and ready to burn low emission wood products are available from retailers and merchants nationwide.”


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