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Multi-Purpose Compost - 70 Ltr Bag (Click & Collect)

For all your gardening uses and for all stages of a plants life. Multi-Purpose Compost includes a superior fertiliser package that will feed plants for up to 4 months.

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For all your gardening uses and for all stages of a plants life. Premium Multi-Purpose Compost is formulated from a blend of substrates to provide a high quality growing media with a fine texture and consistent dark, earthy appearance.  With excellent water retention qualities, a balanced pH and nutrient level for optimal plant growth it is suitable for all multi-purpose compost applications including seeds, seedlings, potting and cuttings.  Now with a superior fertiliser package providing feed for up to 4 months.

How to use

For containers: Ensure that the container has sufficient drainage holes. Then fill with Multi-Purpose Compost. Add your chosen flowers and firm lightly, then water thoroughly.

For hanging baskets: Line the basket if necessary and partly fill it with Multi-Purpose Compost. Insert plants through the sides of the basket where possible to ensure a ball of colour. Fill the basket with compost and arrange plants on the top with trailing ones around the sides. After everything is planted, firm lightly and water thoroughly.

For seedlings: Fill the seed tray with Multi-Purpose Compost and level off. Firm lightly and water. Sow seeds following the pack instructions. Cover the seed tray making sure the tray is out of direct sunlight.

For cuttings: Fill the pot with Multi-Purpose Compost, take the cutting (according to the type of plant), water, cover and keep warm.

For beds and borders: Water the plant thoroughly. Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Partly fill the hole with a mixture of 50% soil and 50% Multi-Purpose Compost. Ensure the plant is at the same level as in the original pot. Fill in firmly, then water.

Where to use

Ideal for all your gardening uses. Perfect for all stages of plant life, including seed sowing.

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