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Wood Shelter: Our top tips for safely storing your firewood

Wood Shelter: Our top tips for safely storing your firewood

If you’re the type who loves keeping a good stack of firewood ready to go during the winter months, finding the right storage solutions can be tricky. Fortunately, from wooden shelters to outdoor baskets, there are a whole host of ways to store your fire fuel both efficiently and fashionably. To help you figure out how to store firewood outdoors and indoors, we’ve got together some of our top tips.


Indoors or outdoors

On top of low smoke emissions and long-lasting, powerful fire, one of the many benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood is that it can be safely stored indoors. This is mainly thanks to the fact that insects and bugs are much less likely to infest your stack due to the low moisture level of Kiln Dried Firewood. For those with a small amount of outside space in the garden or apartment, this can be a godsend. On top of that, it’s also super handy having your firewood on hand when you’re ready to light up the log burner.


Protection is key

Despite our Dried Firewood being perfectly suited to an indoor space, it’s still worth bearing in mind some protection when storing outdoors. Bugs, animals and excessive rain can cause damage to all types of firewood and reduce both quality and longevity. The solution? If you’re storing outdoors, always make sure you’re covering the wood from nature’s elements. In terms of stopping those pesky insects, adding a layer of material below your log pile to keep them off the ground can be a big help.


Think outside the box

Let’s be honest - everybody’s seen those bog-standard log shelters that take up loads of space outdoors. If you’re also interested in the design element of your shelter, it’s time to think outside the box. Painting your shelter a bold, unique colour will add some boldness to outside and indoor spaces while using a more practical cross design can help you organise logs more efficiently. Those looking to store indoors could also invest in a fashionable basket, which can suit modern interior design down to a tee.


Efficient stacking

You can have the fanciest log shelter in the world - it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not stacking efficiently. Any veteran log user will tell you that taking the time to stack your logs makes the whole process much more practical when removing the wood. A criss-cross pattern may suit your shelter perfectly while bearing in mind large and smaller logs is also crucial. Not only that, but stacking in an efficient way also makes the set-up a lot prettier too.

Once you’ve found the perfect storage solution, it’s time to get stacking! Take a look through our collection of Kiln Dried Firewood, coming in a wide variety of weights, to make sure you don’t run out of firewood when you need it most.

14 October 2021

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