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What's in our sustainable Heat Logs?

What's in our sustainable Heat Logs?

Whether you’re lighting a fire or adding fuel, our sustainable Heat Logs are the eco-efficient choice for your fire. Paired up with Kiln-Dried Hardwood, you can build a fire that is powerful, long-lasting and refreshingly sustainable. But what exactly is in our sustainable Heat Logs?


What’s in our Heat Logs?


Our goal with all our Homefire range is to create fuel for your fire that doesn’t have a significant impact on the planet and our Homefire Heat Logs are no different. These Heat Logs are made from compressed wood and are 100% clean, with zero additives or chemicals. Everything in these Heat Logs has been manufactured from pure wood waste, meaning they aren’t negatively affecting the environment. On top of that, our Heat Logs are ultra-dry, pumping out extremely powerful heat that can last hours.


All of our wood is also taken from entirely sustainable forests, ensuring that we keep your fires clean and eco-efficient. Curious to learn more about where we get our wood from? Have a watch of our latest video here.



What makes our Heat Logs different from the rest?


Homefire Heat Logs aren’t just any old wood. Unlike traditional firewood, Homefire Heat Logs can pump out powerful heat for hours. Additionally, Heat Logs are super easy to light - whether you’re using our Shimada range or the Instant Fire Logs in a Bag, there’s no need for kindling or firelighters. As well as being entirely smokeless (perfect for those family gatherings with the kids), Homefire Heat Logs have a 100% CO2 score. Not only are you getting a more powerful, longer-lasting fire, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint significantly. 


How to burn Heat Logs


We’ve made burning our Heat Logs as simple as possible, meaning you spend less time lighting and more time warming up. Our Instant Fire Heat Logs don’t even need to be taken out of the bag, with one match light being enough for them to burn for hours. The Shimada range is also easy to light and can be used separately without any firelighters or kindling. If you want to go the extra mile when hosting an outside party, our Fire Pit Bundle (containing Kiln-Dried Firewood, Twizlers and Heat Logs) makes lighting a fire pit a breeze. 

Wherever you’re lighting your fire, our handy Heat Logs are the sustainable, powerful and long-lasting choice. Take a look through our bundle collections to build the perfect fire indoors or outdoors today.

15 November 2021

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