What are the benefits of the 'ready to burn' scheme?

What are the benefits of the 'ready to burn' scheme?
11 December 2023
What are the benefits of the 'ready to burn' scheme?

The Ready to Burn scheme is a government backed initiative which is designed to promote the burning of dry (or seasoned) firewood. Homefire is amongst the nation's top suppliers of kiln dried firewood and aims to provide the highest quality product for customers who want to order wood online. All of Homefire wood is part of the Ready to Burn scheme, so simply by choosing the Homefire brand, you can buy with confidence.

This article looks at the Ready to Burn scheme and how it affects all of us who are planning to purchase fuel for our fires.

The details about the Ready to Burn scheme

As regulated by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Ready to Burn scheme is a system that allows purchasers to identify fuel that is safe and clean to burn. 

This means that the wood that is sold, doesn’t possess a moisture content up to and beyond 20%. The benefits of the scheme will help to improve air quality for both the burners and their neighbours by significantly reducing air pollution. 

Fuel that is Ready to Burn certified is identifiable by a logo on the packaging that it is supplied in. This gives consumers the choice of whether they want to purchase certified fuels or otherwise.

Homefire can help with all your fuel supply needs so that you know that the quality of the wood or smokeless fuel that you’re purchasing is efficient. By emitting less smoke and high heat.

The benefits of the Ready to Burn scheme

The benefits of choosing Homefire Ready to Burn wood, are that the wood has been dried sufficiently i.e. les than 20% moisture content, so that when burnt, the amount of smoke is significantly reduced by up to 85% compared to non-dried wood. This reduction in smoke is better for the environment and is a significant step to cleaner air. 

With the introduction of new smoke control areas across the UK, people should now choose Homefire kiln dried wood and burn in a modern appliance so that they are staying within government air pollution regulations.

Not only do woods that are dry or properly seasoned contain fewer harmful chemicals, but they also burn more efficiently. Therefore, you can expect your fire to burn brighter and for longer with wood that is certified by the Ready to Burn scheme.

This will save you unnecessary time and effort in sourcing more fuel, thus reducing your overall expenditure as well. Further cost savings can also be made by buying wood in bulk.  

Now that you know some of the information surrounding the Ready to Burn scheme, browse the Homefire range today and see what fuel you can purchase from us online.




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