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Ultra Dry: Why kiln-dried hardwood logs are superior

Ultra Dry: Why kiln-dried hardwood logs are superior

Supplying your fire pit with powerful heat and brilliant endurance all night long, there’s no doubt that kiln-dried hardwood logs are one of the best ways to sustain your fire. But what exactly is it that makes kiln-dried hardwood such a game-changer? To help you understand the benefits, we’ve got together some of the top reasons why our kiln-dried hardwood is the best fire fuel around.



We’ve all been there - sitting around the fire with your friends or family and being smothered by a big cloud of smoke. If you’re using seasoned or greenwood logs, this experience is probably quite familiar. Fortunately, kiln-dried hardwood offers a transformative and sustainable alternative. As opposed to seasoned and greenwood logs, our kiln-dried hardwood logs are a very clean source of heat and don’t produce billowing smoke that can be harmful to the lungs, nose and eyes.


Easily ignited

When it’s the middle of winter, nobody wants to be on their hands and knees trying to get the fire going. With just one simple spark, kiln-dried hardwood logs can create a warming, powerful fire, which eliminates all that extra time and resources trying to light it. If you’re a camper, this benefit can be especially useful, helping you to spend more time organising your pitch while staying warm. At the end of the day, nobody wants to spend more than a few minutes lighting their fire, so kiln-dried logs are a no-brainer.


A long burn

While wood logs don’t cost a fortune, it all adds up if you’re using your fire regularly. If you’re looking to save a bit of cash, kiln-dried logs are the answer for you. Entirely Ready to Burn certified and delivering powerful results, our kiln-dried hardwood provides a much longer burn time than the majority of wood log types out there. Not only is this efficient and money-saving, but it also lowers your consumption of wood and environmental footprint.


Simple storage

Most wood logs that are used as fuel for fires need to be put in outside storage, as the bug eggs and general pests found in wood can lead to an infestation if left in the house. In contrast, kiln-dried hardwood logs are perfectly safe to leave inside the house. The result is a much less complicated method of storage and opens up more room in your outside space. However, we do suggest covering your logs on a raised platform, as this will help the logs take in moisture.

If your fire is missing a spark, our kiln-dried hardwood will be that missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re buying in bulk or just want to see the results for yourself, we have a variety of bundles for both log burners and fire pits.

6 October 2021

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