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The best recipes for cooking with wood

The best recipes for cooking with wood

Human beings have been cooking with wood for the best part of one million years. But, while modern cooking appliances have meant that we're less reliant on open flames for heating our food, few things can beat smoking meat and veggies over a roaring fire. So, if you have a fire pit at home or are heading on a camping trip sometime soon, here are five of the best recipes for cooking with wood.


Pulled pork 

Pulled pork is one of those recipes that's best done 'low and slow.' While it takes 2-3 hours to perfect, it's the ideal meat to smoke over an open fire. Prepare a pan of vegetable stock, add some garlic, onions, and spices, and start roasting! This delicious pulled pork recipe is hard to beat and will help you create the most delicious meal for the family. 


Alaskan Salmon 

In the Pacific north-west, people have smoked salmon fresh out of the water for generations, typically over hickory or oak. At home, prepare your salmon fillets by rubbing them with oil and salt before smoking them over an open fire. This smoked salmon recipe is simple yet delicious and will present you with salmon as you've never tasted before! 


Buffalo Wings 

A firm American-favourite, smoked buffalo wings are a tender and tasty treat and the perfect appetiser for your friends to enjoy this summer. You can make a homemade sauce out of condiments in your pantry and get your pot of buffalo wings smoking over the fire pit. This delicious recipe from Jamie Oliver will help you create wood-smoked buffalo wings to die for. 


Corn on the cob 

Get your hands on some fresh corn on the cob this summer for the perfect accompaniment to any of the above wood-smoked recipes. You can either leave the husks on or take them off before smoking them over an open flame. You can add paprika and other spices if you wish, or just a knob of butter to help transport you to a Louisiana smokehouse. This recipe shows just how easily you can smoke corn on the cob to perfection. 


Wood-smoked brownies 

A wood-smoked meal isn't complete without a delicious dessert, and a wood-smoked brownie is hard to beat. The good news is that this wood-smoked brownie is super easy to put together, but it's really important not to overdo it. The smokey flavour contrasts beautifully with the sweetness of the chocolate, and you will wonder why it took so long for you to try it. This recipe is the perfect one to try for first-time brownie smokers! 

Now that you've got your recipe inspiration, it's time to get your fuel sorted. Our kiln-dried firewood is perfect for cooking, and you can get your fire started with our handy kindling. No matter which of the above recipes you try, you need to make sure you're cooking over wood that is natural and free from chemicals. Check out our bundle offers to find the perfect solution for your fire, and rest assured that all of our products are sustainable and suitable for food preparation.


9 June 2022

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