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CPL Industries Journey to a Sustainable and Renewable Future

CPL Industries Journey to a Sustainable and Renewable Future

CPL Industries Journey to a Sustainable and Renewable Future

Back in the 1950’s, the burning of coal was blamed for the Great Smog of 1952, which resulted in the deaths of around 4,000 Londoners and the introduction of smokeless zones in many urban areas across the UK, where the burning of coal is banned. We know these days that several factors contribute to dirty air across the UK, including high levels of particulates from diesel car engines and the increasing popularity of burning wet wood on domestic stoves. 

We as a leading manufacturer and supplier of smokeless solid domestic fuels had a responsibility to take action based on these events. After years of testing, we came up with the product we are most proud of, Ecoal50. Ecoal50, which is made in the UK by combining 50 percent renewable plant material with high quality welsh mined anthracite, we have produced a smokeless fuel that burns longer and hotter than house coal, whilst at the same time producing little to non smoke and 40% less carbon dioxide. This was the first step to a sustainable and renewable future in domestic houses.

Robert Swan OBE, as an environmental leader, takes climate change and the protection of Antarctica as the burning platform. Robert engages audiences on what it takes to be the leader and predecessor in creating new models and sustainable solutions for the future.

Homefire has taken drastic measures to ensure our wood meet strict guildelines that control the moisture content, size, package volume, species and country of origin. Click here to watch our video that explains where our sustainable wood comes from and how it is sourced. It is also important to know what problems are caused by burning wet wood.

17 October 2019

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